Wine and Excellence

Wine & Excellence is a courageous idea carried out from a strong passion for excellence.

We truly believe, as Richard Diaz once used to say, that “there has always been an elegance to the application of excellence”. For us bringing excellence in wine is not just an expression, but a strong determination to achieve the best for our customers. Our customers, seen as partners, will receive the best awarded and strictly selected wines from wine producers with important tradition and quality.

We have put our experience, wine and business knowledge all together  because we want you  to have the best products and become fascinated of the wine world. For us bringing you excellent wines is a commitment that compels us to understand that only modesty, integrity and trust in our partners  can bring your contempt and satisfaction. A wine of excellence has the power to join together people of different cultures and break any barriers, of any kind.

Our goal is to become a leader in delivering best quality, in all its aspects (products, services and partnerships). Our efforts were intense in order to select the finest wines, which are not necessarily expensive, as one might think. We have selected our suppliers upon strong arguments: passion, respect towards traditions and love for nature, this we think represents the essence of a wine of excellence.

  We want to create a community, a special place where you will feel almost like home, with that special atmosphere that a good wine and company brings. “Wine is bottled poetry” , Erin Morgenstern used to say, so we are trying to create a valuable place, something much more than just selling wine.

Wine & Excellence wants to rewrite the history of drinking wines and to build a strong brand beside exceptional winemakers and sophisticated customers. Customers need best quality wines and olive oils, which gather tradition, experiences and the voice of the land from where the products were so passionately manufactured. 


We want you to feel comfortable, we will advise you to make your best choices in buying a wine, as good as we can. We  know that the long way is stoned with strong desire, determination and lots of trust, this is what Wine& Excellence means, true commitment to our customers!